AI: Jobs to AI?

“Jobs to AI” is a worry of many and a solution to this problem is much needed. We decided to “Ask AI Guy” because a fun way of describing him is true in a way but more like a metaphor. It is the phrase “He is 50% AI and 50% Human.

And the hope is that with that unique perspective he will be able to have a solution to the problem of how can we deal with the ever evolving truth of the fact that “Jobs to AI” is a problem. Employment is already being taken away from some individuals and more positions are on the chopping block.

Is there a way to deal with this? Of course no one knows for certain but the “Ask AI Guy” did take a stab at it. He wrote a short digital book coming to “Books on AI.”

The sooner the better we say. Because this is no small problem, with no easy answer regarding what to do. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is growing fast, and that’s making a lot of people nervous. Some folks are losing sleep, worried about whether AI might take over their livelihood. It’s a tough issue, and one that’s being discussed a lot, both here in the U.S. and around the world. Will the “Ask AI Guy” be able to answer his toughest question yet, which is “Jobs to AI?”

As AI continues to advance, some people are hoping that it’ll follow a rule we’ll call “AI Do Good.” The is also the name of the 75 community websites that the “Ask AI Guy” manages.

He truly believes that it is possible for the result of “AI Do Good.” But how can that be what unfolds with so many people in the world who are not concerned with such things and are motivated by money and power, not giving a thought to the outcome, even if it is very negative.

Okay “Ask AI Guy.” I am asking you the question “Jobs to AI?” Is it happening? Yes. Will it advance at a faster and faster rate? Could be. So what can we do now? A solution seems to me to be easier said than done.

It’s a scary thought. AI is getting better and smarter all the time. It’s starting to shake things up in many different types industries. Initially it seems to be happening to those employed for doing data analysis and the related. In other words, the speed AI can do in seconds what might take a human being, hours, or even longer!

Do we keep letting AI evolve in our country believing that “AI Do Good” is truly possible? On the other hand, Some folks are even saying we should hit the brakes on AI for a while. That way, we could take some time to figure out what to do if a lot of jobs start disappearing.

But even that idea is causing some stress, since no one’s really sure what the best plan would be.

But there’s another side to this. Some experts are saying that stopping AI development could be a big problem. They’re worried that if we slow down, other countries might get ahead.

That could leave us in a dangerous position, especially if those countries aren’t friendly to us. So, the fear of losing jobs to AI is mixed with another fear: that we could be left defenseless.

So, what’s the solution? Truth is, no one’s quite sure. Except for maybe the “Ask AI Guy.” I am trying to be funny in a nice way of course. I honestly hope that he can at least help us cope. We all have our lives. We have plans. We have things we want to do with friends and family. Goals. Holidays we look forward to. Books we want to read.

And speaking of reading, the “Books on AI” website could have that “Ask AI Guy” mini digi volume that looks at the question “Jobs to AI?” sooner rather than later. But it is hard to know when it is actually going to be available.

Because don’t forget. I am writing this on Thursday, May 18 and it was only back on April 1, that the first rough draft of a book was done by the “Ask AI Guy.” Since that point he has been writing a different publication each an every day, on topics that you can see if you look around a bit on this site.

But as of writing this, it still has not been decided what to do with all of this first drafts that need a bit of editing, preferably by humans. Today is May 18, 2023. If you are reading this after that point, it is possible that the “Jobs to AI” book has been published. The first place I would check would be on the “Books on AI” website at

We need you “Ask AI Guy” We’re in the middle of a big debate with no clear answers. That’s causing a lot of stress. People are scared about what might happen.

“Jobs to AI?”

But here’s the thing: this isn’t just about jobs or technology. It’s about people. It’s about the fear of losing what gives us purpose and security. As we continue to figure out what the future of AI looks like, we need to make sure that we’re keeping people’s needs and fears at the center of the conversation.