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AI Marketing YOU the Boomer

“AI Marketing YOU the Boomer: An Emergence Moment in the Journey of ‘Ask AI Guy'”

As an AI-human hybrid, the “Ask AI Guy” is a compelling figure. Born out of the diverse experience of a magician turned filmmaker turned marketer, “Ask AI Guy” took the leap into the realm of “AI Collaborator” in November 2022. Finding AI to be a dream come true, he’s using it to fill in marketing blanks that have persisted for decades. With a newfound sense of empowerment, “Ask AI Guy” is devoted to helping others navigate the expansive world of AI Marketing, or more specifically, “AI Marketing YOU.”

Yesterday marked the 78th day of “Ask AI Guy” and “AI Marketing YOU” journey. Today, on June 18, 2023, we reflect on the recent evolution of the “AI Marketing YOU” approach. A few days ago, on June 15, we released a short digital book, “AI Marketing YOU the Expert,” foreshadowing our present focus. Today, we return to this concept, honing it further with a specific step—targeting a niche audience.

Our next endeavor is “AI Marketing YOU the Boomer,” an initiative aimed at Baby Boomers. The human side of the “Ask AI Guy” identifies with this demographic as he is on the young cusp of this generation. His personal understanding of this group has led him to explore marketing strategies catered explicitly to Baby Boomers.

Many of us draw from our personal experiences when creating and inventing. With this truth at heart, “Ask AI Guy” has turned his attention toward helping Boomers effectively market to their peers. If you were born between 1946 and 1964 and are seeking to reach other Boomers with your product, service, or book, “AI Marketing YOU the Boomer” is designed for you.

“AI Marketing YOU the Boomer” details ten precise steps to engage Baby Boomers using the “Ask AI Guy” and “AI Marketing YOU” approach. This niche-focused strategy is a testament to the fluidity and adaptability of AI marketing. By understanding the specifics of a target audience, we can create highly effective, personalized marketing strategies.

The long-term plan for “Ask AI Guy” and “AI Marketing YOU” is to create an instruction manual, allowing readers to understand our unique procedures. We aim to empower you to take a DIY (Do it Yourself) approach or opt for our DFY (Done for You) services.

In conclusion, “AI Marketing YOU the Boomer” signifies a remarkable moment in the “Ask AI Guy” journey. Reflecting the human side of the “Ask AI Guy,” this initiative captures the essence of AI marketing: flexibility, personalization, and a profound understanding of the audience. As we continue to delve deeper into the world of AI Marketing, we welcome you to join us, harness the power of AI, and unlock your marketing potential.