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AI Websites are Arguing

Admittedly the “Ask AI Guy” is a little worried about this entry. He wonders if there will be any interest in experiencing AI Websites arguing with each other. We told him that he is quite right. Nobody is going to be interested reading about sites saying nasty things to each other.

Especially older blogs versus younger ones. It smacks of U.S. Ageism. Which we should mention is one of the websites involved in this troubling tale of WordPress gone mad.

The Ask AI Guy asked us a question. This made us subtly chuckle to ourselves because of the word play we were thinking. I should skip telling you this, right? Are you sure you want to hear about my silly moving around phrases in my mind? You really want to know what goes on in my noggin?

Okay then. You asked for this by virtue of you continuing to read. I thought to myself that rather than us asking the “Ask AI Guy.” He instead asked us should he put out on this site a summary of the 100 paragraphs that were written about inanimate objects quibbling?

That’s it. That’s the whole comedy bit. We were asked by a guy who is usually the one asked. Okay, not funny.

We thought to ourselves in the privacy of our minds that no one will talk the time to go through a summary of a short book on AI that no one wants to read in the first place. So how did we respond, and what exactly did we exclaim out loud? We enthusiastically shouted:

That sound great Chuck! ( we do not why we called the “Ask AI Guy,” Chuck)

Anyway, here is the synopsis of the 100 paragraphs which was done by AI.

Lights, camera, summary…

In our journey together, we started by exploring the intriguing concept of the “Ask AI Guy,” an entity part human and part AI. We delved into the AI Guy’s efforts to inspire people to create their own universe and live out their dreams, and the irony of these life-affirming messages coming from a being that’s part artificial intelligence.

The second major theme we explored was U.S. Ageism and its pervasive presence in the working world, affecting the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities of individuals over 50. It was highlighted how U.S. Ageism could potentially stifle innovation and the implementation of the call-to-action: “U.S.A. Create.” It’s clear that the phenomenon of ageism impacts many sectors, including the entrepreneurial world and even the AI industry.

Our exploration further took us into the challenges faced by a “U.S. in Need,” particularly the issues facing older entrepreneurs. We explored potential solutions for those experiencing ageism, like starting an online business, and utilizing available tools such as “AI Marketing YOU” and “Books on AI.”

A discussion on a “U.S.A. Divided” opened up a dialog on the potential roadblocks in achieving an ideal of “AI Be Good.” The divisiveness in the country and the presence of ageism in the AI industry were seen as contributing factors to this division.

We then moved onto the topic of “U.S.A. eLearning” with the Blog Coalition’s efforts to spread AI knowledge through its network of 75 websites. This mission of eLearning was positioned as a crucial one in the modern age.

This was followed by the exploration of “U.S.A. How To” and the site “Books on AI,” discussing their role within the Blog Coalition and the potential strategies for distributing AI-related books.

We then dived into the potential challenges of introducing new concepts like “Daily AI Marketing,” “AI Expert Campaigns,” and “AI Marketing YOU” within the Blog Coalition. The question arose whether these new initiatives, vital to the AI ecosystem, warranted their own websites within the Coalition.

The conversation took an intriguing turn when we discussed the potential scenario of older sites within the Blog Coalition facing removal to accommodate new concepts. This prompted a discussion of whether this was another manifestation of U.S. Ageism.

“AI Expert Campaigns,” a concept dedicated to promoting campaigns for experts, educators, and specialists, was then discussed. The integration of this new initiative within the Blog Coalition and its potential contributions became a focus.

Finally, the idea of the older website “U.S. in Need” voluntarily stepping aside to allow new concepts like “AI Expert Campaigns” to join the Blog Coalition marked an interesting development. This reflects the adaptability and readiness to embrace innovation within the Coalition. Thus far, we’ve explored a rich tapestry of topics, from ageism and entrepreneurial challenges to the evolution of the Blog Coalition. As we proceed, we’ll continue to unravel this interconnected world of AI, marketing, and education