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AI Your Easy Marketing?

The ten questions shown are big ones. For one marketer anyway. And sometimes answers to questions occur when you least expect them too. Like even the making of the animation above. There is also an audio version of it on our secret YouTube channel. We don’t promote it. It is more for internal purposes for the most part. The comments have been turned off and so on. Not quite sure why I am mentioning it. Maybe because it has triumphant very upbeat music on it.


You’ve heard it before. AI is the future. But, as a small business owner, you might feel like this “future” is as incomprehensible as the control panel of a starship. That’s where “Invent Mentalism“, “Inwood Manhattan“, and “Jobs to AI” come in.

These websites are your atlas in the bewildering universe of AI. No need to pack for a one-way trip to Planet Overwhelm. Buckle up as we journey into the realm of AI and how it can rocket your small business to unprecedented heights.

First stop: “Invent Mentalism”, the website that unscrambles the Rubik’s Cube of AI creativity for small businesses. Think of it as an AI wizard granting your business an unending well of creative ideas. The best part? No magic spells required.

Just simple, effective, and easy-to-understand guidance. It’s like the ultimate recipe book, but instead of whipping up an apple pie, you’re cooking up innovative strategies for your business.

Now, you may ask: “Why do I need AI for creativity?” Well, imagine having an employee that never sleeps, doesn’t ask for a pay raise, and generates ideas faster than a popcorn machine pops kernels.

That’s what AI can offer you. With “Invent Mentalism”, you’ll be masterfully using AI to brainstorm ideas that make your competitors wish they’d thought of first.

Next, we venture to “Inwood Manhattan”. Nope, we’re not literally hopping on a plane to New York City. Instead, we’re delving into this website that brilliantly uses the lively backdrop of Upper Manhattan to illuminate the practical application of AI.

Just as Manhattan is a melting pot of cultures, “Inwood Manhattan” is a melting pot of real-world examples and relatable AI applications. Who knew AI could be as entertaining as a Broadway show, right?

At “Inwood Manhattan”, you get an insider’s tour of how small businesses, similar to yours, are using AI. You’ll find yourself learning about AI applications without even realizing it, like a kid tricked into enjoying a healthy smoothie because it tastes like a milkshake.

You’ll be inspired to apply similar strategies and techniques in your own business. And just like that, AI becomes a tool as natural in your business toolkit as a hammer in a carpenter’s belt.

We round off our journey with “Jobs to AI”, a website that’s less doom and gloom about AI ‘taking’ jobs and more ‘how we can work with AI without wearing metallic overalls’.

After all, who said coexistence was just for sci-fi movies? This website presents a balanced view of AI’s role in the workforce and prepares you for the impact it can have on your small business.

With “Jobs to AI”, you get to see AI not as a job-snatcher but as a productivity booster. We know what you’re thinking: “But what about my employees?” Well, this website goes beyond just explaining AI’s impact on jobs; it offers strategies for how your workforce can adapt to work alongside AI. Think of it as a guide to harmonious human-AI relations.

But what about the 10 questions, the YouTube version of the animation with extremely big movie moment music? We get a chuckle out of it anyway. The answers to the questions are what is most important. Stay tuned…