AI Analytics Please Do?

Over the past week, Ask AI Guy has been answering questions related to AI and how it can be used to improve AI Businesses, AI Side Hustles, and AI Self-Promotion. The response has been overwhelming, and the questions have been varied, ranging from basic AI concepts to complex business analytics.

To celebrate the culmination of the first week, today’s post will look back at some of the questions that have been answered and also provide a preview of what’s to come in the coming days and weeks.

This week and website et all, began on Saturday, April Fools Day, 2023. The first question that the “Ask AI Guy” sunk his teeth into (or maybe his cyber jaws) was to look at the classic email marketing and do a bit of an AI twist.

This was followed on Sunday with a very brief look at the idea of “AI Money You,” looking into some of the ingredients of a profitable AI campaign.

AI Multi Sites were explored on the 3rd of April. Multiple websites can bring about the question “Why?” Why have them? There are benefits from having a blog coalition, including that of getting out the word on things that are important.

AI Marketer Tools were looked at next, and then the day after that ChatGPT got a nod in the context of making AI money.

Next it was was Thursday and a checking in on the realm of “Story to AI” which in this take on things, represented leveraging stories when doing marketing.

That then brings us up to Friday, today. Those who were subscribed to the “Ask AI Guy” newsletter received the the links above in today’s emailing.

Additional news is that throughout the week, on the @askaiguy channel are series of seven short videos called “coming attractions.” These videos provided a preview of some of the questions answered including today’s post’s brief look at

Today’s focus on “Yes AI Analytics?” also called “Analytics for Success?” provides a little bit of an insight into how businesses can use analytics to improve their operations and drive growth.

The post will cover topics such as data collection, data analysis, and data visualization, and provide examples of how analytics has been used successfully in various industries.

For example, businesses can use analytics to track website traffic and user behavior to gain insights into what is working and what is not. This information can then be used to make data-driven decisions about website design, content creation, and marketing strategies.

Analytics can also be used to optimize supply chain management by tracking inventory levels, delivery times, and supplier performance. This information can then be used to make informed decisions about supplier selection, inventory management, and logistics.

In conclusion, the first week of Ask AI Guy has been a success, with many questions answered and valuable information shared. The coming weeks promise to be just as informative, with a continued look at AI promotions and entrepreneurship.