Daily AI Marketing for Your Business

Delivered to Your Inbox with Humor and Insight from the “Ask AI Guy” who answers your “Dear AI Guy” AI Marketing questions plus brings resources like his 75 AI Centric Websites of the “Blog Coalition,” “Books on AI,” info on “AI Expert Campaigns” and the “Be Good AI” Awards from the people who brought you annually for a decade the Platinum PIAs Community Awards in New York City. All this and more while on your “AI Marketing Journey.”

Just like that, you’re sprinting on the path to becoming recognized as an expert, educator, specialist or all three in the industry and field that your small business or entrepreneurial venture is in. So why wait? Get started, and embark on your AI adventure for your business with Daily AI Marketing insights. These insights will be brought to you soon via the “Be Good AI” team, formerly establishing the countdown to the “Be Good AI” Awards, recognizing AI Scientists, AI Researchers, AI Entrepreneurs as well as AI Enthusiasts who are making a difference in building awareness and taking action to let it be known the importance of “Be Good AI.”